Prescott Youth Wrestling Club


The Prescott Youth Wrestling Club has been around since 1977. It is a wrestling club for kids ages pre-kindergarten through 8th grade. The Prescott Youth Wrestling Club has also played a key role as a feeder program for the Junior High and High School wrestling teams. In addition to teaching wrestling skills, the Prescott Youth Wrestling Club promotes:

  • Courage - To face difficulties, danger and pain without fear of making a mistake or losing.
  • Attitude - To feel good of your achievements. To express yourself with confidence regardless of the outcome.
  • Respect - To treat others the same as you would want to be treated.
  • Determination - Never to give up and strive at everything you do.
  • Success - By always considering the above goals, our coaches, volunteers, parents, sponsors, community, and wrestlers will make participation in the wrestling club a positive experience for everyone.
The wrestling season runs January through March. Tournaments are scheduled on Saturday or Sunday. There are many tournaments scheduled throughout the season in the area. However, you decide which, and how many, tournaments you want to participate in.


The Prescott Youth Wrestling Club also hosts the Border Battle, one of the largest wrestling tournaments in the area. This season’s tournament will be held on Saturday March 2, 2019 at the Prescott High School.


We have a great coaching staff, great wrestlers and great support from the parents and community. We are looking forward to another great season with the return of many of these key players, however, we are always looking for new wrestlers and volunteers to help keep our program running strong.